Root Canals

If you have pain in response to hot, cold or pressure you should see a dentist. You may need root canal therapy. With modern technology root canals are as pleasant as any other dental procedure with little or no discomfort. Once you are fully anesthesized ("numbed") the nerve or "pulp" of the tooth is removed, the canal is cleaned and sealed off to protect it. Most teeth that have had root canal therapy require a crown.

If a root canal fails or the infection comes back there are retreatment options:

  1. Extract the tooth - may be necessary if the root of the tooth is cracked.
  2. Retreat the root canal - very similar to a regular root canal.
  3. Apicoectomy - a soft tissue flap above the tip of the root is made, a small window is made through the bone to expose the root tip. The infection is removed and a filling is placed into the tip of the root to seal it. A suture is placed in the soft tissue.

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