Implants and Prosthetics


Implants are usually made up of 3 parts: the implant (a screw placed in the bone), the abutment, and the crown.

Implants are used to replace missing teeth. First you need to be medically screened to see if you are a candidate. Your gums must be healthy and you must have sufficient bone to support the implant. Once a tooth is extracted or lost, bone supporting that tooth will begin to resorb or shrink. The longer the space is left the more resorption will occur. An implant will help to maintain the bone.

If bone is already lost or insufficient bone is present a bone graft can be added to an area to help support an implant.

How Do I Get An Implant?

  1. Consult your dentist and oral surgeon to see if you are a good candidate.
  2. The oral surgeon will place the implant into the jaw bone.
  3. If there is sufficient strength in your bone the dentist will begin to rebuild your tooth. If there is not enough strength in your bone the area will be left alone for several months in order for the bone to heal around the implant.
  4. The dentist will fabricate a custom abutment which will attach to the implant to support a crown.
  5. A new crown will be permanently cemented in place.

Implants can be used to replace single teeth or multiple teeth (fixed bridge or removable dentures).

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